Fishing has always played an integral part of the Maltese economy and has provided income to numerous households throughout history and across the Island.



Logistics plays a significant role in global business operations. The logistics process in Malta can be optimised through improvement in the maritime transportation system,



Over the years Malta has developed into a service oriented economy through the provision of a number of professional services being legal, financial or technical.



Our seas have the potential to become important sources of clean energy. Marine renewable energy, which may include offshore solar and wind as well as wave energy,


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Minister Mallia presides over the signing of the MOU Malta Maritime Agency and Malta Maritime Forum.

Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Dr Emmanuel Mallia presided over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Malta Maritime Forum and Malta Marittima Agency.

Malta has an active maritime industry and is home to a broad range of economic operators which range from financial services to insurance, yachting and marina management, consulting and legal services, logistics, transportation and aquaculture. Malta acknowledges that there is nowadays more recognition for maritime industries to be involved in the national and regional economies by means of maritime clusters.

Dr Mallia emphasized ‘We are here because we believe in building bonds and relationship for the benefit of the economy. This MoU is in fact in line with the Government’s philosophy to create and foster effective relations with the Private Sector and facilitate communication’

Malta Marittima Agency is still in its infancy, however, work has been underway since its establishment and in line with the European Union’s policy and Blue Growth Agenda, it is expected to be a catalyst in bringing together stakeholders from the public and private sector to further enhance the potential of our marine and maritime industries.

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On Monday 8th June 2015, the Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth has launched Malta’s National Integrated Maritime Policy. The Policy document sets out the terms of reference for improved performance in the Maritime Economy taking into consideration the input of Maltese business so as to encourage further investment. The identified policy enablers are maritime education, safety & security, research and innovation and good governance. The Document highlights the main economic pillars of focus in an effort to achieve Blue Growth. The Policy seeks to promote the formation of a number of maritime clusters aimed to create collaborative platforms between the various stakeholders.

Photo MeetingMalta Marittima Agency attended a  High Level Focal Point Meeting on the Integrated Maritime Policy on the 13th October 2016 in Brussels. Various themes were discussed including International Ocean Governance, Blue Economy, Union for the Mediterranean and the Maltese/Slovakian Presidency Priorities.

MT gave an overview of the MT Presidency Priorities and stated that MT considers IMP as an interesting development which it highly supports. MT is planning to look at International Ocean Governance. To this end MT awaits the Communication and look forward for the debate and is aiming for council conclusions during the MT Presidency. Nautical tourism, an important sector of the blue economy, will also be on the agenda and will be exploring future investment, the qualification of skippers and the recycling of boats. 

MCDMS0710201601On the 7th October 2016, Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Emmanuel Mallia convened the first board meeting of ‘Malta Marittima’. In his introductory speech, Dr Mallia  praised the board members for their competence and stressed that they were chosen after ‘a lot of thought’ and meritocracy. The Minister continued that he is convinced that under the leadership of its chairman Dr Daniel Aquilina, the board will move ‘Malta Marittima’ in its right direction.





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