Malta Marittima Agency is responsible for implementing the national Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) and promote maritime policies with the aim to stimulate a sustainable blue economy. It covers areas such as blue growth, maritime and coastal tourism, sea basin strategies, logistics, services, marine data and knowledge and maritime surveillance amongst others. On EU level, the Agency works on various cross-sectoral maritime policies and initiatives that fall under DG MARE.  Besides, the Agency is also responsible for the development of the national maritime clusters to provide a more coherent approach to maritime and marine issues with increased coordination between the public and private stakeholders on a national level.

In its endeavour to provide the necessary management, networking and support services for the existing and potential maritime investment opportunities in Malta, Malta Marittima has managed to partner in four EU funded projects that commenced in January 2020.  The four projects that have been selected by the Evaluation Board of the European Commission are the following:

-          Empowering innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters and networks in MED island and coastal areas to support blue circular economy growth (Blue FASMA - Interreg Med Programme)

-          Blue Energy Deployment Alliance (Blue DEAL - Interreg Med Programme)

-          Beyond European Sustainable Tourism Med Path (Best MED - Interreg Med Programme)

-          European cluster-led accelerator for digitisation of the circular economy across key emerging sectors (DigiCirc - Horizon 2020 Programme)



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