Photo MeetingMalta Marittima Agency attended a  High Level Focal Point Meeting on the Integrated Maritime Policy on the 13th October 2016 in Brussels. Various themes were discussed including International Ocean Governance, Blue Economy, Union for the Mediterranean and the Maltese/Slovakian Presidency Priorities.

MT gave an overview of the MT Presidency Priorities and stated that MT considers IMP as an interesting development which it highly supports. MT is planning to look at International Ocean Governance. To this end MT awaits the Communication and look forward for the debate and is aiming for council conclusions during the MT Presidency. Nautical tourism, an important sector of the blue economy, will also be on the agenda and will be exploring future investment, the qualification of skippers and the recycling of boats. 

The West Mediterranean Sea Basin Initiative will be one of MT's priorities, the idea is to build on the existent frameworks to ensure the betterment of good governance. MT will also endeavour for a presidency conclusions and mentioned the informal Ministerial Conference which will be organised by the Presidency during the MT Presidency on the 20th April 2016. MT made a reference to the High focal meeting which will be organized by the MT Presidency in Pool UK, during the European Maritime Days. With regards to the EUMSS, MT will be following up on the betterment of the implementation and will aim to maintain the momentum on the betterment of research and development and education.





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