Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Emmanuel Mallia spoke during the official welcome of Tirennia CIN’s return to the Maltese market. A number of new routes were presented by SMS group which will open up new cargo lines and also made Malta more competitive.

Minister Mallia’s speech: “The seas and oceans have been increasingly regarded as the drivers for the European economy, offering the potential for innovation and growth. I quote Commissioner Vella’s statement at this year’s European Maritime Days that “a strong, blue economy doesn’t claim there is just one recipe for success. We call on innovation, on learning from one another, and adopting other approaches to our own specific context”. As the recently appointed minister responsible for the Integrated Maritime Policy and blue growth, it gives me great pleasure to recognise such an economic initiative. I strongly believe that this business venture is doing just that; establishing further cooperation and coordination at the regional level to tap into the full potential of the blue economy.

“As an island-state, Malta’s destiny has been closely linked to the sea that surrounds us. Thanks to our strategic geographical position in the centre of the Mediterranean, as well as our natural harbours and established ports, Malta has steadily demonstrated its resilience to strengthen our maritime economic activities and to thrive as a maritime nation. Furthermore, Malta offers a well-developed economic structure, boasting an advanced communications setup, a highly skilled workforce and well-connected business climate. Needless to say, that the Government promises a risk-free business environment to private stakeholders operating in Malta.

“We are thus very pleased that such a prestigious and reputable company will be returning to the Maltese market, after an absence of almost 35 years, with a new cargo-line Catania-Malta as of the first of September. The initiative will initially include six voyages per week and as of the first of January next year, these connections will continue on a daily basis. The maritime sector encompasses a wide range of activities increasing growth and competitiveness; both directly and indirectly related to the sea.

“Such a programme will guarantee a fluid maritime and logistical cooperation between Malta, Sicily and Northern Italy, as well as providing an opportunity for Maltese and Sicilian road transport service providers to optimise their activities. In my opinion, such an endeavour also bears testimony to the historical economic cooperation between our countries and the good will to increase commercial interaction and collaboration in the maritime sector.

“Hence, allow me to extend my appreciation to Tirrenia CIN for portraying its confidence once again in the Maltese market and to S. Mifsud & Sons Ltd. for taking on the company’s representative role in Malta.”

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